How To Have A Unique Wedding

Weddings symbolize love and togetherness, and is therefore portrayed as an elegant affair. While most like to stick to this traditional picture, there are some others who prefer their weddings to verge on the unique and crazy side. Here are a few ways in which you can make sure that your wedding stands out from the crowd.

Lounging Area

Create a space at your wedding reception, separate from the main events, where guests can rest, or even mingle. Add in a couple of comfortable couches and a few cushions, so that your guests can kick off their shoes and relax. This is ideal for the bridesmaids to take a breather amidst their hectic duties, or for a guest to put up their feet after a couple of hours of nonstop dancing.

Taking Pictures

Most couples opt for getting a photobooth hire for their wedding, since it is the trendiest thing to do right now. In addition to the pictures taken by your official photographer, you can let your guests have a bit of fun, by letting them take their own pictures as well.

As an alternative to getting a photobooth hire, you can get a wedding themed photo stand-in, so that your guests can have a few laughs while posing for pictures.

Novelty Cake

Wedding cakes generally look very delicate, and are often covered in flowers, or similar feminine elements. Instead of going this route, you can pick out a novelty cake, which will definitely be quite the conversation starter. If you and your spouse are a fan of anything, or if you share a similar hobby, then getting a cake in a shape related to your common interests will definitely be a fun addition to your wedding. If you do not want to be too unconventional, you can simply choose to have a traditional wedding cake with a funny or unusual topper.

Dance Away

If you and your spouse love to dance, then get together and practise a special dance number that you can perform in front of your guests to surprise them. Pick a catchy pop tune, and get your bridal retinue in on the secret, and you may even be able to pull off a wedding flash mob.

Forget White

Have a bit of fun with your wedding dress, and skip out on the traditional white. Let your older relatives, such as your grandma, know in advance so that they do not get shocked seeing you walk down the aisle in red, or whichever your favourite colour is. You can get your bridesmaids to join in the fun, by pulling a Carrie Bradshaw, and dressing them in different dresses in multiple colours, rather than in the same coloured dress.